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Two Stories: In Living a Secret, we meet Maria, a beautiful young woman with a secret and Keeping It Real is an autobiographical tale of the life of a crossdresser.

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    In Living a Secret, we meet Maria, a beautiful young woman, trying to make her way through life while working at a menial job. Maria was born Miguel, a boy whose family had the misfortune of crossing paths with a vicious drug cartel.

    After the gangsters killed his family, Miguel was relocated and turned into a girl to keep the murderers from finding him and doing to him what they did to his parents.

    Keeping It Real is an autobiographical tale of a crossdresser, so authentic and full of detail that you may well find yourself thinking that the main character is you. No unrealistic premises or plot twists here, just the story of an average guy who loves women as much as he loves their clothes.