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The Stevens family is out on an adventurous vacation, flying up the coast of California, when their private plane is hit by an alien survey vehicle and seriously damaged. The family has sustained serious injuries and the aliens, feeling responsible, are capable of saving them all, even the boy who would die, if only human medical skills were available. There will be some changes, however. This is just the start of this gripping adventure, as the family becomes involved in the aliens' plans for their live on Earth.

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    "Can you hear me Tommy?" the woman asked.

    "Yes, where am I?" he asked.

    The woman began to explain his situation once again. His mother was at his side now, trying to help him understand. "Do you feel well enough to sit up?" the woman asked.

    "I think so." he said. He suddenly thought that there was something wrong with his voice, as it was a girl that had answered. Mom and the woman put their hands under his shoulders and gently assisted him in to a sitting position.

    "What in the world is on my chest?" he thought as he noticed the two mounds under the blanket. They the blanket slipped away and Tommy saw a pair of the most perfect breasts that he had ever seen. But they were attached to his chest. "But how can this be?" he worried.