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Jim Wilkinson is pursued by Silvia Barton, a big-breasted woman who has plans for him; plans that involve changing his sex and having massive breasts as big as hers.

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    "I'm getting married to this Jim Wilkerson. Would you like to be a bridesmaid Zandra?"

    "I never thought Id hear you say you were going to marry a man in my life."

    "That's just it, he won't be a man for long. Very soon after the wedding, he'll have breast implants, then the full operation. Before long, he will be called Krystiana. He will never have intercourse with me, but as a woman things between us will be different. Once in the frocks, she will newer leave them. It's going to be just like my brother Alice. Krystiana is going to just love being surrounded by feminine finery. I'll have her pleading for more and more satin and lace."

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    Mostly unbelievable forced femming

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    <p>Mildly entertaining story about a young man being duped into feminizing by his girlfriend/wife. She is driven by evil motives, which makes it kind of a downer. There is also an obsession with huge breasts that I don't get.</p>