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A new virus is decimating the male population. The NR virus has the devastating effect, among others, of changing testosterone into estrogen. A young man, in pursuit of male adventure, takes the physical for the Marines and discovers he is not eligible due to his contracting the disease. This is the story of his life.

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    Damn, I wished Doc Pillsbury had talked to us when we first arrived, it would have put a lot of our immediate concerns to rest, like tits, you know? Anyhow it might be years before we began to develop those. Some might never develop them. Yeah, it wasn't like in the movies, where the guy catches  NR and in the next scene he's an over-stacked fem-male. It can hgappen like in the movies, he said, but not usually. The full transition would likely, for most of us, take years to be completed. Years? I thought. That was a relief, for me at least.

    Viruses evolve just like everything else, except a lot faster. That's why we find new diseases all the time - or rather then find us. The NR Virus could be just another sexually transmitted disease except for how it turns testosterone into estrogen and wreaks havoc with one's secondary sexual characteristics.. As we will see..