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Stable boy Tom is an innocent lad of 15 working for a wealthy family of nobility. Tom, through a series of mishaps and double crosses, ends up being forced to wear one of the daughter of the owner of the estate's ball gown.

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    Lord Glewyn stood, again with his hands behind his back. He seemed a lot calmer than the day before. He started, "Right, Smith, we have discussed your fate. Lady Lucy has come up with an ingenious if unconventional punishment which we have all agreed is fitting and appropriate. As you like Lady Lucy's clothes so much, you are to be dressed in a day dress of Lady Lucy's choice and you will spend the day as her companion. If you misbehave or Lady Lucy has cause to chide you, the punishment may go on for a further day or you may be caned, depending upon how serious Lady Lucy feels your disobedience is. You accept this punishment of the Peelers (a British slang for police) will be called. You would be taken away from here and locked in a cell and set before the magistrates who will surely deport you to that dark place called Australia. What's it to be?"