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Between Manny and his sister Billie Jean, he was definitely the smaller submissive one. She is the first to awaken his interest in girl's clothes by forcing him to attend a turnabout party as a girl. This wasn't to be his last experience and as things progressed, he realized he was deeply drawn to his feminine persona, just as others who want him transformed are drawn to him.

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    "Close your eyes and open your mouth," she ordered in a stern voice.

    The tone of her voice surprised me. She had not spoken sharply to me all evening until now. Then she pressed a lipstick tube to my lips and smoothed the makeup on. I opened my eyes as she pressed the tube once in each cheek and smoothed the makeup around for a blush look.

    "Don't say a word, I know exactly what you like, sissy boy," she said as her arm tightened around my neck.

    She sprayed my neck with some very sweet perfume and then half dragged me over to her dresser and opened one of the drawers with her free hand. She held up a pair of pink satin panties.

    "Now put these on and no arguments!" she said harshly.