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All we can say here is Wow! This is a story of a "were curse". You know the one where once bitten you change every full moon? Only this one is way more unpredictable, often more fun and certainly much more sexy.

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    As I hurried out the kitchen door, I looked toward the east. A big, fat full moon sat comfortably just above the horizon so David had been right about one ting at least, tonight was a full moon kind'a night. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. As I pulled apart the plastic that David had draped across the entrance and entered the garage, David giggled.

    My first thought was that I'd been had, big time. "Son-of-a-bitch!" I swore. "Ass hole, I was seriously worried about you..." I never completed my outburst. David was still giggling but the sound of his voice had an insane quality to it, madness? Fear? "David?" I cried out as I looked and finally recognized what was happening. Breasts tented his white shirt, hips and thighs had drawn his tan slacks nearly to the point of ripping open at the seams, though the cuffs of his pant legs sagged limply to the floor. But as his shoulders and chest deflated further those breasts abruptly had more than ample room inside that shirt and his slacks, now over-sized, rode down, slipping past his newly rounded hips to settle about his ankles.