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Chris lost his Mom and sister in a terrible car accident. He and his Dad struggled with their sadness for several years, when Kate and her son showed up and his Dad was smitten. Eventually they are married but this situation isn't so good for Chris who is more and more manipulated to look bad in his father's eyes. Next they begin to make him look like a sissy as well.

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    Kate watched with pride as Chris' lips slowly but surely became fuller and fuller; they looked almost puffed up. The vitamins (hormones) he'd been taking for months now began to change his mind and his body. He was generally calmer now than before, although he was a little more emotional at times. On occasion, he experienced unexplained mood swings. Now after five full months of hormones, he was beginning to feel an itchy feeling in his slightly puffy and swollen breasts. He'd noticed over the past couple of weeks some tenderness and itching, especially when he showered. He couldn't stand directly under the spray while it was directed at his chest. He now felt a strange sensation and sensitivity when his T-shirt rubbed on his chest. It made his nipple get rock hard, and it stayed that way all day long as he did his chores around the house.