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Timmy has been keeping a secret from his friends and family. For as long as he could remember, Timmy felt he should have been born a girl. Now starting high school, the pressure he felt inside was growing. Fortunately his English teacher understands completely as she was once the same!

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    That night, as Timmy lay down, he replayed every second, over and over again. He could feel the warm tears fall down his cheeks as he thought about Darlene and Tammy. "I feel so free," Timmy said to himself. Sleep would have to take a backseat tonight. He didn't want to lose the feelings of the panties he had worn, or the skirt that showed off his legs so sexily. Darlene was right. But Timmy also felt some sadness. He had such a crush on Darlene. There had been a choice to be made, unhappily. It was either Timmy and his secret crush, or an ecstatic Tammy with her first girlfriend. Finally, completely exhausted, he gave into sleep with the picture of those panties on his mind.