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This is the story of two sisters, single moms, who give birth at about the same time, but are separated by life's events for 7 years. When reunited, one sister, Peggy, has the most well-behaved little girl, Charlene, while Cathy as a little monster of a boy, Harold. Peggy has a suggestion on how to cure the lad and has actually used it herself on her offspring.

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    It was a nicer blue satin pair of panties, with white lace round the legs which Peggy held as she made to find Harold. Peggy had every faith in the power of petticoats and panties, and the delicious materials they were made of: satin, silk, velvet and lace.

    Harold Dixon had grown tired on hiding from his mother and was now carefully making his way back to the Villa. There was no one else to shock except his Aunt Peggy, Harold thought. Harold, still in the red party dress, made his way to the library room. Harold was formulating a plan to make his Aunt Peggy see him in this frock.

    Harold did not have long to wait, because there stood his Aunt Peggy holding a pair of blue satin panties in from of her. She didn't not seem the least bit shocked by the sight of Harold in a frock. this was not what he expected. Panic was on the face of Harold Dixon, his eyes fixed on the pair of panties. Just what was his aunt going to do to him?

    It didn't take long for Harold to find out as Peggy advanced towards Harold. There was no means of escape from the library; his aunt blocked the only exit. Suddenly she was there beside him and she put an arm tightly round his shoulders. "Your mother told me all about you being dressed in a frock and was most shocked. But your Aunt Peggy understands these things. Sometimes a boy has the need to wear girl's clothes!"

    "No, no, Aunt, it's not that, I don't want to wear girl's clothes." Harold was struggling to pull the frock off. Peggy smiled; that frock was tightly fitted round the waste, it would come off but only if he was very gentle and careful. which Harold was not being.