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Robin Joyner, eager to be released from the sanitarium he has been staying in recently, speaking to a psychiatrist, explains the strange event that lead to his incarceration. On a hike where he was indulging in his favorite hobby, photography, he stumbled across a recently murdered woman for which he was suspected. It doesn't stop there... The dead woman's spirit seems to be taking over Robin and he craves to begin living his life as her! What mission of hers is she wanting him to complete?

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    "Please, Robin, tell me why you are here?"

    He took a deep breath to strengthen his resolve. "OK, here it is; believe it if you can. Some energy, call it soul or essence, transferred from Crystal to me up on that hill at the tree line. Every day I become more and more like her in my thoughts and actions, even my posture. She is part of me and, truly, I've never been very much to begin with. Crystal's influence in my life is moving me in directions I never knew existed."

    Sandine pursed her lips. "Again, Robin, why are you here?"

    "To ask you for any of her clothing you have. I need to add to my crossdressing repertoire. I'm losing weight in a studied attempt to appear as the girl I believe myself to be. You probably think I'm ill-advised. That's all right; do you mind terribly? What clothes do you have that belonged to her?"