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Remember these Spectrum titles have stories of different classifications. Two Stories: In Crossworlds, a New Woman Story, the crew of an intergalactic space ship discovers a civilization where the genders are reversed from those on Earth. They are forced to conform.

In The Operative, an Adult TV Story, a crossdressing husband is recruited by an intelligence agency to seduce a terrorist with a preference for T-girls.

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    "Nurse?" the doctor called.

    "Yes how may I help you?" the nurse in the short white uniform replied.

    "My name is Dr. Simpson, our ship's medical officer," he said.

    "My name is Ben. I am one of the nurses assigned to this wing." Ben extended a finely manicured hand towards the doctor. The had was smooth and soft. 

    "Would you tell me what is going on here?" the doctor then asked. Ben cocked his head, and scanned the room. Then Dr. Simpson asked, "Why are all the men dressed in feminine attire? Some even have breasts, including myself."

    Ben said to the doctor, "The General Council, our government, has issued orders that all of your male crew members are to be medially indoctrinated."

    "Why?" the doctor asked.

    "We have a severe shortage of men here in Mysina. There are even fewer capable of conceiving and carrying a child. Since your ship crashed and was badly damaged, the Council assumed that you would be staying for some time. They hoed that your males would help our society expand. As for clothing, all men on Mysina wear dresses and skirts."