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Robert is shocked when he learns his rich uncle's secret; Uncle Jim belongs to a club for men who like to dress as women. He is shocked to the core. In order to teach Robert a lesson, Uncle Jim inserts a clause into his will that Robert may not inherit his millions, unless he experiences crossdressing. Uncle Jim passes away, and so it begins...

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    Ned grinned. "I did the gentleman's thing," he said. "Now it's your turn to do the lady's thing."

    "Which is?" I asked, feeling the hear rising in me.

    "A good night's kiss?" he asked tentatively.

    "One," I said without thinking.

    I should never have kissed him. When we heard others coming out of the elevator, I didn't mind that he moved across the threshold of my room and let the door close. I didn't want him to stop- kissing me, not with the way all my senses went reeling as he did it. My manicured hands touched his arms and felt the muscles beneath his jacket. I was aroused. Male muscles had never done that to be before. It was my dress, my hair, my breasts, my lingerie. I felt like a woman. 

    "Wow," he said, holding me tightly, crushing me. I felt my nipples becoming very sensitive to his pressure. 'Can we make that two?"

    My senses were reeling. All night, he had been treating me as if I was a girl. Now, I wanted him to. I tried to fight it, but the way ke kissed me, the way he pressed on my kops and captured me was so intense that I was pushing back. I opened my mouth to him and he took full advantage.