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Danny's secret is out! He likes girl's things. Worse he thinks he may want to become one. He fantasizes about it a lot, but his fantasies seem to be taking over. Even stranger his roommate, Alex his having his own dreams about the feminine Danny / Tami.

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    The kiss was as electric as it had been the night before. Tami felt shivers run up and down her spine. How can this be, she thought? It didn't make sense, but then the kiss felt so good she didn't bother to care any more.

    Alex sat down to eat his breakfast, which Tami considered a good sign. He even made her sit for a cup of coffee. "How was your night?" he asked.

    "I had trouble sleeping," she admitted, being careful to speak slowly. "I can't remove these breasts. It's been a long time sine I slept in boobs, not since I lived in Spokane." She had occasionally tried it with that cheap pair of heavy rubber forms, but these were supposed to be too delicate for bed, though last night she hadn't experienced any punctures or other damage. Evidently they were sturdier than she thought.