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Several short stories about men in difficult situations who find that the solution to their problems is to take on a feminine persona. Can men who are forced into skirts, bras and heels find happiness on the other side of the Gender Divide?

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    Rose Garden Gift - a man accidently parachutes into an exclusive all women's academy and they decide to keep him.

    Gorgeous George - Jane decides to get a court order banning her husband from entering casinos and gambling away all their money. George keeps doing it by entering as a gorgeous woman. When Jane finds out, she takes extreme steps to ensure his obedience.

    Timing, Trading, Training and Triumph - Sue and Jamie are struggling, but Sue has qualified for a 6 month training program, for women only, when she needs to get a hip replacement. She then has the brilliant idea of having Jamie crossdress and attend in her place. These things never go that simply.

    School Teacher Mystery - Lori Brown is hired by a school district to cover for a math teacher who can't finish the year, but Lori has a secret. Care to guess?