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Two integrated stories: In the first part Ralph Anderson mades the wrong decision and within a matter of weeks finds himself changed from a fairly normal young man into a Latina tart and kept woman. In the second story, Billy Hamilton said the wrong thing at the wrong time in My Crazy Mother and Her Family.

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    From My Crazy Mother and Her Family: "Punishment! You just spanked me. Isn't that enough?" I said through my tears.

    "Oh no you haven't even begun your punishment for the foul things you said young man. If I had my way you will be punished until the end of summer," she said clearly still angry at me. 

    "Bitch," I mumbled as she started out the door. 

    "What did you just say?" she said as she turned back to look at me. Her face was red with anger and I knew then that I had gone too far.

    "No... nothing GRandma," I replied looking down at my feet.

    With a loud humph she grabbed the doorknob and slammed the door shut behind her as she left.

    I stood my the bed rubbing my stinging ear and burning rump for awhile. "Shit and double shit," I said to the empty room. "I'll be grounded all summer for sure. Shit! Shit! Shit!"...

    I was halfway through reading about the latest NFL draft when the door opened all three women came into my room. They looked way to serious for me to feel comfortable.

    "Billy we have had it with you. You will spend the rest of the summer as a young lady. We have discussed this at some length and decided that you will be a real teenage girl at all times. You will act and behave just like all the young girls in your school. That includes dating and going out on a regular basis just like every young girl craves."