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This the culmination of the Frat saga.

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    "Tell me what you are," said Max, repeating it constantly as Jill struggled and moaned at the words filling her reeling brain with the unlikeliest of ideas and concepts. He couldn't really think that she, Jill, a man like him, would really let him make love to her. She couldn't, not if every man she'd dance with at the ball, turned out to be a woman, in fact!

    "Please say it," murmured Max gently, caressing her hair again, her arms and slender, corseted waist. "You are a girl tonight, aren't you, my darling?" His kiss sealed her fate. She knew how she felt and knew that she Gillian, wasn't any kind of man at all.

    "I, I'm a girl." Jill murmured, a tremor passing through her. Max lifted from her. In one way, that was such a relief and, in another, she felt a twinge of disappointment as he wasn't pressing her down like a girl on his bed any more.