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A little petticoat-style punishment for a misbehaving young man becomes a theme that returns later in life. And with the guidance of a young friend, punishment because pleasure - and change... For life.

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    "Now Julia, you must walk more slowly and gracefully than you normally would. Remember to act in a more ladylike fashion. I would hate to have any of your teammates or girlfriends recognize you. If it got all over school that you spend your weekends dressed up like a girl to go shopping with your aunt your friends might tease you unmercifully!"

    I cringed at just the thought of what she was saying. As we walked down the main aisle all the saleswomen who were not waiting on customers seemed to know what was going on because as we passed them they were all smiles. We stopped in several departments with Aunt Marge occasionally holding up a pair of panties, a skirt, blouse or dress in front me me to see how it would look if I were wearing it, much to the amusement of the saleswoman of course! I remained silent all the while.