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Continuing the story begun in The Making Of Lady Caroline - #617. Intergalactic spy Willen Smit is back...and so are the physical transformations he is put through. As in Part One of this sweeping story, Willen is changed into a beautiful young woman and with the changes in his body, his mind manages to accommodate the sexual advances from the many men he/she encounters.

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    It was so different to walk in a short dress with my legs exposed all the time. My chest bounced, my hair bounced, and my dress bounced against me. My earrings jiggled against my neck; I felt less and less like myself as I took short steps in the high heels I had chosen. That was why I was swinging my dress and petticoats so much.

    We went through office passages' the provosts or office workers who looked at me almost all smiled at me. I shuttered inside. I had been so confident inte change room with the women attending me, putting on the scowling scruggs, but this was entirely different, to be out among people and to have them studying my legs and my figure. We turned onto one passage which had a dark, tiled wall at the end. I watched the blonde girl strutting down the passageway, her blonde hair curving nicely under her jaw line, her earrings bobbing as she walked. She was the epitome of femininity with her cute face and curvy figure. That's you, I thought, looking at her shapely legs and I went all hot all over in shame and embarrassment as I thought how I had been naked in front of the men whom I now had to see.