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Stephen, an orphan boy, has an attraction to feminine clothing. Nothing unusual about that, really. His friend Sybil detects something more to it, though and secretly maneuvers him toward more involvement in femininity.

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    "I want him in the mermaid dress," she announced.

    "What is a mermaid dress?" I asked.

    "It's a strapless tapered sheath dress that becomes more sharply tapered the closer it gets to the floor and at the hem is a spray of netting that flares out. It does inhibit walking somewhat so be careful when you get out on the floor," answered Mrs. Holden.

    One of the attendants unzipped the powder blue dress and removed it from the hanger. She held it opth and I took it from her and stepped into it. I was careful as the dress seemed quite narrow. I was barely able to squeeze into it but I did. Sybil quickly zipped me up, then helped me put on the black over the elbow gloves. 

    "You look fabulous!" said Sybil as she motioned me to one of the beauty shop's chairs.