Mags Inc
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Alex and Chris, husband and wife, end up working at the same corporation which is eventually bought out. Alex watches as the staff shrinks, especially the males until he is the last. He would be going as well, but they don't want to jeopardize their relationship with Chris. They really have no use for men in the company, so what's the solution? Alex gets a makeover.

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    She gave me an appraising glance. "You're becoming very pretty dear. Now hurry to the door - and don't forget. I want you to be an especially good girl tonight! Let my guests see that you're nice and domesticated! Just like all husbands should be!" She eyed me a little. "Though I'm getting less and less sure of the 'husband' part of it. Off with you now!"

    The references to my gender were becoming more and more numerous, and more and more feminine-related, I thought, hurrying to answer the door. With my long apron flouncing and billowing around me as I descended the stairs, with the taste of lipstick on my lips, and the smell of my perfume wafting around me, I had to admit, however, there was probably some justification in what I was being called by her. I opened the door, and dropped a curtsey to the two ladies standing there.