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Alan is married to Joyce and he's the submissive one in the family. When they meet Barbara, a very strong woman, it is clear that she is going to make some changes to their relationship, but especially to Alan.

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    "So? I have a lot of brainwashing to get through to help you accept a lifestyle that I'm sure you're unaccustomed to - but I'm sure that you'll end up loving."

    "A lifestyle?" I gulped.

    "Of course! I like my boys to be all soft and sweet. Wearing pretty clothes. be undemanding - do as I want in other words."

    "I don't know as if I'd like that - not very much," I said, adding the last bit hastily.

    She had picked me up and was carrying me into her bedroom, talking as she went. "Of course you wouldn't! That's just what I'm trying to say! You definitely have some of the prerequisites already. You're sweet and nice and obedient. NIce and weak, so I don't have THAT to overcome! But you've never been taught how sweet and nice it is when you are given girl things. Near fabrics that feel like heaven - just about any color. Soft behavior - not expected to make hard decisions, just do as you're told. Doesn't that seem attractive to you?"