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Jerry and Frank are two young men of the "love 'em and leave 'em" school of treating women. Jerry has more money than he can ever spend and Frank gets them girls, for the night, for the week, but rarely longer. Then into their little world comes a new financial manager, Crystal. She spots an opportunity here for a kind of payback and lots more as she leads them down a path of increasing femininity.

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    One becomes used to just about anything. Beth was always servile enough to me but would grin just a little sardonically as if she'd send Frances - I mean Frank - off to do various things to show her domination over the guy. And what could I say as they gradually feminized the poor lad? His hair gradually became more girlish, then his nails. Then more makeup - and naturally earrings. I don't know who blushed the most, him or me, when he appeared in his first full maid uniform, apron and flounced cap as well. I'd have complained but I actually had problems of my own.