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Jojo and Carole are two high school aged transgender teens, who go through life with no one suspecting that they are anything but the lovely young women that they appear to be. They have also set their eyes upon a 3rd senior, Hal, whom they hope to bring over to �their side�. Read and watch the struggle.

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    "JoJo, stop being so greedy. You made your point. Okay, so the kind of boy of man who is attracted to our kind of girl, without knowing why, without knowing what we have to offer that natural born girl's don't have... You've proved that Hal can become one of us. But I still want him as he is. Okay, so maybe he's sexier in panties but even thrn he's still a boy. But you want him as your trans-girl lover. I thought you might have changed while you were away. But no! You still have to get everything else that anyone needs just so you can probe you can do it. Why don't you just grow up? Don't ever speak to me again, you selfish self-centered bitch."