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Although published in 2006 and supposed to take place in the future of 2011, this story of politics is very timely in both politics and gender issues. A powerful group of women decide to rescue the US by putting forward a woman who could possibly be the next President. Radiation resulting from the war against terror has poisoned much of the country and men are often born in womanly bodies. Who then do they chose to represent them? A man born a woman, a woman born a woman, a trans-woman or a crossdresser who lives as a woman.

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    As soon as it was clear that Marion would get the nomination, she was called to Jenny's office once more. Jenny greeted her wholeheartedly and congratulated her with her victory. "I knew you would make it," she said, "you were so much better than your competition. The White House is waiting for its first female president."

    "Thank you. I'm not 100% female, you know."

    "I know that, but you are registered as a woman and you will go down in history as the first woman president. I will now present your VP to you. You know her already; She's a congresswoman and a category A woman, jut like you. Please say hello to Nina Samuels."