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Rory has won millions in the Powerball and goes to live his life in luxurious, if somewhat secluded, Southern California. He does not want for girl-friends, however and after encountering several trans-girls, becomes intrigued with his own experimentations.

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    Sasha came home from work and ultimately saw that Rory had forgotten to take off the heels. They were that cozy a fit on him and he was rarely on his feet, unlike Sasha at her job. Rory fixed his breakfast and lunch, went on his computer for a while, and then watched television before using the remote to turn it off and then lay on the sofa for a catnap. All without thinking of removing the shoes, having doe so wearing sneakers or other shoes many times before.

    Noting the double click of more than one person when it was just them, SAsha looked at the end of Rory's pant legs, at his feet. "What the hell are you doing wearing my shoes? I suppose you think that it was funny to let me catch you like this!" she spat out angrily. She obviously did not take his wearing them well. The opportunity notably being there given the area and its quasi-open diversified sexual orientations, Sasha did not call him derogatory names or openly wonder if he was a crossdresser.