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Eric or Ricki, as he has occasionally been known, promised on his mother�s death, to go and look up an old friend of hers. He has a secret desire, one buried so deep that he barely recognizes it. This old friend of his mum�s Diana soon sees his potential as a beautiful woman and puts her plan into action.

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    "Diana, we don't have to make Ricki become a special girl. We don't even have to help him. The most he needs from us is occasional guidance with grooming or makeup. The best course will be to just get out of his way and let him develop the persona he was meant to be. It's just that at Ricki's age, there are too many growing up girl experiences he's missed."

    "Ricki's petite. Really like a girl just entering puberty." Gwen appeared to be goth thoughtful and smug at the same time. She continued after a brief pause. "We can allow her, excuse me, him, to evolve from tentative toon into the young woman he decides to be."

    "You were right the first time." smiled Brandi. "Her, not him, is much more apt. Just beware of her anger. Goddess help whoever becomes the object of that anger."