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It all started with a chance meeting between Raynne, a weekend crossdresser, and Scott, your basic average fellow, at a restaurant where they decided to share a table. It�s the start of a long and beautiful relationship as well as big changes for both!

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    "You're staring at me as if I grew another head."

    "I'm sorry. It's just that I'm remembering something Raynne said. That she worked hard to make her and you as if two separate people. I can really see it now' the way you sit, eat, even talk. Even though, again as she said, the voices are very similar."

    Hearing this, it made Ray smile. I'm glad you finally got it. I'd hat for us to go through this every time you and I see each other and we have to do the same song-and-dance over and over and over." Then he sighed. "They say that you can't just ask someone to be your friend, but I do hope that you and I can be just that."

    "Well," Scott laughs, "I don't see myself jumping your bones."

    "An yet you did come here to jump Raynne's. And she would let you."