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Hollis�s father, Linda�s husband, is gunned down in a drunken rampage by the police and they are forced to move in with her sister Kathryn in the quaint town of Mystique. Hollis was troubled before, but his behavior is now too outrageous for the very carefully controlled and fairly feminine world he now finds himself inhabiting. His aunt decides to take the bull by the horns and lead him to a better and more demure life.

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    Hollis looked fearfully about, but thankfully there was no one else in the shop. Before he realized what was happening, a cute pink cotton floral print dress with short puffy lace edged sleeves and matching lace trimmed Peter Pan collar was tugged over his head. Feeling a very disturbing unfamiliar tickling at his thighs, with growing panic he peered down. "Hey... this is a dress..." he cried out in terror as he saw the ruffled hem that ended a mid though. "I can't wear this!"

    "You already are wearing it, my pretty little girl," Diane stated as she buttoned him securely inside. "How you had to notice that the boys you saw in the park this morning were wearing shorts so they could not be sissies, could they? So who do you think the sissy is now... those boys or you?"

    The humiliation was more than he could take. Hollis burst into tears. "Please, I'll be good," he begged as he turned to Aunt Kathryn. "I'll do whatever you want, just don't make me dress like this! Please Aunt Kathryn, please!"