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Brad Muratow goes to a massage parlor with an old friend but comes across some suspicious facts while there. Facts that may prove that the parlor is part of a slave trade, where young boys are kidnapped, turned into women and turned out as prostitutes. With the help of the FBI, he and his friend work on unwinding the entire criminal conspiracy.

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    Back in the safe house Brad continued to debrief Elena. this time they concentrated on her years at the ranch. They had arrived as 12 scared kids from the Ukraine and forced into a role that was totally strange to them. It was worse for boys. They were forced to become girls and were fed with estrogen from day one. They saw the development of female curves on their own body; they felt how their mind changed from thinking like a boy to thinking more and more like a girl. And then came the day when four of the boys were put on the operating table and made to look like a girl in the groin as well. This had been a terrible blow for Elena. She had deep inside her dreamt of one day to return to a normal life as a boy.