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Julian and Bob become sissies and lovers at their wives´┐Ż hands in Awakening of a Sissy. In Bad Husband, Better Sissy Julie is married to an abusive husband, but finds a service that may correct his behavior as well as his appearance.

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    Awakening of a Sissy: Some of the girls looked hot. Hotter than Sheri even. He had always considered himself a bit bi-curious. Even some guys throughout his high school years had aroused him the locker room after gym, often being the place to see these athletic young lads naked.

    Bad Husband, Better Sissy is about a sexist husband who has little thought of his wife's needs. They are heading for divorce so she signs him up for a training course. When he gets there he discovers he is getting more than he bargained for in the way of being forced to experiment in female ways. His attempt to escape is unsuccessful and is then sent to an expert Mistress who does have success in transforming him into a proper young girl. He ends up seeing the error of his ways in the process.