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A group of single professional mothers form a corporation to provide mutual support. It includes living on a common street and forming commonly owned businesses. All however have come to hate men as their husbands had abandoned them and left them with increasingly rowdy boys. What to do with the sons? Petticoat Discipline perhaps?

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    "Boys!" Harriet scolded in a harsh tone of voice snapping them out of their quasi-rebelliousness. "You will do exactly as we say. In a few minutes you will be dressed identically to Lisa and Ashley. You will cooperate and stop whining!"

    At once the frowns disappeared replaced by contrite sheepish expressions of remorse and fear. Their heads stopped shaking and hung in shame. Their mumbling ceased. The injection Dr. Conrad had given each boy had destroyed any self-will to resist direct orders. They had no choice but to meekly acquiesce to the firm command. This didn't mean that they instantly accepted their fate. Far from it. It was simply that the influence of the drug left them incapable of showing their disgust and loathing much less refuse to obey.