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Like so many of the men in our stories, Charlie is small and introverted, but unlike all of them, when he became fascinated with a beautiful woman, Kristen, he attempts to kidnap her. Only he isn't cut out for such and Kristen is more than willing to take him over and make him over!

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    The panties were no problem of course, but the bra was one of these Wonderbras that squeezed everything together, thrusting my breasts out almost horizontally and creating a huge cleavage. Martina laughed delightedly as she adjusted the buckles on the shoulder straps. "Whooooeee!" she giggled. "Gonna get the johns all excited!"

    "John? How come you know John?" I asked.

    "Johns honey! Johns. Customers!" Tiffany explained.

    "Oh I said lamely. "Martina? What do I do with this?" holding the garter belt towards her.

    She helped fit it to me, then watched as I put the net stockings on and attached them to the suspender straps. "Now Charlene? Try these shoes on. Your lady brought them, but I brought some of mine just in case, I think that we take the same size. Sit down, and we'll try to get them on and see how they fit."