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This is the autobiography of Patricia Muller, a new teacher at a somewhat unusual high school. For the most part, it�s pretty normal, but there is a philosophy here that women are superior beings. Some of the boys are brought to understand that in some very intimate ways!

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    "Now throw those panties in the hamper and Mummy will tuck you into one of her panty girdles so that no one will ever guess what you have. Put on a pair of my panties first. Aren't you just going to love wearing my things?"

    He nodded in embarrassed anticipation. He squirmed inwardly at the thought of wearing his Mummy's grownup styled intimates.

    "Darling, we're going to have to shop for things that are more appropriate for a young teen. For now we're going to use some of cousin Ellen's outgrown things. She saved them for you."

    "Why can't I have my own things?"

    "No don't be so petulant. You know that for years I've wanted you to pick out girls' clothing for yourself. You've wanted to but them you were always too scared when the time came. Well, it wouldn't look real if you were to go out in all new things."