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An extreme sexual story about a very kinky couple, Brian and Julie Cummins. One of their �hobbies� is Brian tying up Julie and watching her service other men. One night they meet their match when a couple who are even kinkier, kidnap them both, transform Brian and use them as Julie was used in the past.

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    Back in the stall Brian struggled momentarily with his bonds but the chains were strong; he had picked them out himself. He could barely move an inch in either direction and there was no escape. He tested the strength of the chains over and over again but to no avail as the minutes passed on.

    Suddenly he heard footsteps outside the stall door and froze. Someone was standing there reading the sign that Martha had hung. He heard a chuckle and then the door opened. 

    "Oh this is kinky," a voice said as Brian looked up in horror to see his poss and partner, Jack Holcum. "The note from my partner Cummings said this wa a makeup gift for me, for him taking an extra day off, but I never dreamed of this!"