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Troy, his wife Anne, and Troy�s longtime friend Lee are thick as thieves. So when Anne, trying to find a way for Lee to get and ultimately hang onto a job (without a degree) she suggests that if he were a good looking woman, no one would ever get rid of him. The plan is put into action.

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    In any event, I had a feeling that your male cute looks would easily be transformed into a woman's. I was right, so that was the easy part. Clothes came next, another easy fix. My being a big girl, we're about the same size. The hard part was really your acceptance!"

    Lee then said, "Y,know, Anne, if anyone else had suggested this, I would have said, 'Hell no!' and kicked like mad. But it was you, my closest friend, next to Troy. And since I'll be working where everybody'll know... I could have a lotta fun with this. Flirting my ass off, if only for laughs."

    "And why not? I sure as hell do and not one guy every got outta line simply because they knew where I stood. In your case, right from the start, just think of your big clit as your wedding ring. Follow me?"