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Ronald and Valerie are about to get married and their longtime friends want to come up with the best events to celebrate this. One of the suggestions involves body suits that will make them appear to be the opposite sex and everybody thinks this is great. Sounds simple, yes? It never is!

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    The make-up artists went to work right away. All the way they explained what they did and why. Slowly the faces turned from male to female and vice versa. Our friends watched in amazement what was going on. Brett watched the man being made up into a woman. He paid close attention to what was going on and asked lots of questions. Finally only the wig remained. It was placed on the man's head and tightened. It was brown and reached down to the man's shoulders. It was combed out and the man was ready. Befor he stood up a pair of earrings were fastened to his ears. The blanket was removed and the man stood up. To Brett's and the others' surprise them man was dressed in a two-piece blue suit with a skirt that reached almost to his knees. On his feet he had pumps in the same color with 3" heels.