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When Cherise gets caught in the bank deposit line, a robbery takes place. One of the bandits, a girl dressed as a guy, pushes Cherise to the floor. In the confusion, Cherise picks up one of the bags of money and walks out. The simplest of acts starts a sequence of events that involves murder and hiding out in the New Orleans French Quarter, involving many interesting characters, many of whom are transgender.

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    "Now remember I told you of my business partner who died? What I didn't tell you is that she was murdered by a woman released, in error probably, from an asylum. This was all made possible by another woman who is an accessory to murder. I want to go and get the two of them and bring them back to the States for trial. It's going to be expensive and there is some risk. I know where to go and, your mom and I discussed this, it would be well to act like tourists; a cruise, stay on a remote Caribbean island, that sort of thing."