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Richard sinks ever more deeply into a life of submissiveness and decadence.

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    Sondra held open the panties, gently chided me for my reluctance, wondered it it wasn't a little contrived. Her remark made me blush. I held her shoulder as I stepped into the pink panties. She pulled them tight around my hips, fondled me in the silkiness of them.

    "Didn't that feel good?"

    I had to admit it did. Over my sexy nightclothes I wore a long terrycloth robe. It ws too big but warm. We sat on the couch and watched an old movie on TCM. Sondra would not leave me alone, kept petting and stroking me. She went to the kitchen and popped popcorn. When she came back her hands slid inside the fee front of the pink wrap and tweaked my nipples. Her fingers were greasy and smelled from popcorn.

    Doing this drove me crazy.