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A simple biography of Harald Berg, born into a Norwegian American family. Harald discovers that he is a transvestite rather early on and as an adult is offered a great job in Norway, as long as he presents himself as a woman at work.

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    Next morning Harald came down to breakfast dressed in a skirt and a blouse. On his feet he had a pair of flats. His face was made up for daytime and he wore his blonde medium length wig. Both mother and sister liked what they say. "What do you call yourself as a girl?" his sister asked.

    "I call myself Hanna."

    "That's not a proper name for a Norwegian girl." his mother said, amongst us your name will be Hanne. That's the proper Norwegian version of that name."

    Harald understood that his mother wanted no arguing about the issue, so Hanne it was.

    Harald stayed as Hanne all through the holidays. When someone asked, Hanne was just a relative from Norway attending College in the U.S. She stayed with her relatives while Harald was in Norway with his girlfriend.