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Danny hires a new personal assistant for the office. She�s gorgeous, efficient and skilled. She also likes to be in control. Soon he is crocheting at lunch with the other women as she puts Danny on a path of feminization and makes sure all the other women in the office are on board with his changes.

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    Alice grinned at me as I arrived back at our station. "Morning Danae. You look very flustered. What's been going on in there?"

    I couldn't hold it to myself. "She's asked me to her house this evening!" I whispered excitedly.

    "Ooooh! I'm so jealous!" she giggled. "What are you going to wear?"

    "She said to make it casual - but... but... she wants me to wear my new shoes!"

    She thought for a second. "I've got a skirt I could lend you that would be perfect with them! Want to borrow it?"

    "I can't wear a skirt for goodness sake!" I whispered, taken aback by her offer, yet strangely excited by it.

    "Oh you men!" she said seriously. "Not a bit of sense in your heads! So okay then what are you going to wear?"

    As I started to tell her what I had in mind, naturally we put out heads together. Didn't see Dorothy approaching. Then we heard, "Girls? If I'm not intruding?"

    Face flaming I broke away from Alice expecting to see vestiges of mockery on Dorothy's face, but there wasn't the slightest hint of it - and I realized now that I was probably looked on as a girl by the whole office. She handed a file to me. "If you could put this one back? Im sorry, I spelled the client name incorrectly. I'll get the correct spelling to you in a minute. I'm sorry." With that, my day's work began.