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A comprehensive guide to becoming the beautiful woman you've always believed yourself to be. Starting with the basics of attitude and feelings about oneself, we cover transgender myths and the truth about boys who will be girls, before moving on to the finer details of preparation, dressing and passing. This two-parter covers everything you need to know to be the woman of your dreams, right now.

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    At first blush, it seems like a no brainer; everyone knows, or remembers, the electric jolt that comes when we cross what I term the "drag meridiam". That's the first moment in the transformation process when there is an unfinished woman looking back at you in the mirror, and not simply an oddly attired and toileted male.

    We have all experienced the flash of hormonal heat that happens when you are out somewhere and you hear, "Miss", or "Ma'am" or even "Hey Lady". And there are very few things a person can do with their clothes on that supply the emotional rush of glimpsing yourself in a window or a mirror and seeing the woman who lives inside you walking and talking and interacting with the world.