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This is the tale of a large company and the family that owns and runs it. ...Of a family with a tradition of transgenderism, handed down from grandfather to son to grandson. When the boys act up at school, their mothers decide to initiate them into the family tradition. Little by little, the rowdy boys become docile, perfect little women.

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    She knew there had been whispered talk of strange goings-on at the Crawford household, like the whisperings about Michelle being dressed at all those company fancy dressed balls.

    They whispered that Mike/Michelle looked to well-dressed for a man as a woman, surely Doris had a hand in the makeup and dress sense. Did she dress him at home? And what about thst son of hers? If she helped her husband, mange she would put her son into blouse and skirts. Doris heard the whispers but thought if it wasn't her, it would be someone else that they talked about. They always had a victim.

    Crawford and Crawford was one of the biggest employers in Sleepy Valley. Michelle and Irene cared for all who worked at Crawford and Crawford. The company had one of the best of of medical and retirement plans in the country, so they may have whispered, but few were willing to leave the company.

    Doris thought that she had made the right decision putting her son into skirts hose and heels. It made a better person of Iain. She was so glad that Iain found Abbie. Yes, Abbie was the right woman for him. She knew it must have been hard for her to accept Iain's transgenderism. Now that she had, her marriage would see better times. Of that Doris was sure. Doris was happy and at peace with herself and with everyone in this transgender family.