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A young man, stirred to patriotism by the events of 9/11, enlists in the Air Force, but is mistakenly identified as a woman and then sent to officer training. He tries to correct the error for months before an officer shows up to offer him an unusual solution! Plus a second short story - If I Had To Do It Over.

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    From I Am Woman...

    "You mean you can undo this bureaucratic blunder and get me to hell out of it?"

    She nodded, "That I I can."

    "Well have at it. I'm all ears and a yard wide," I enthused.

    "You might not like what I'm going to say," she went on.

    "Captain, almost anything's better than this limbo I am in!" I replied firmly.

    "It involves becoming female."

    I stared at her in shock.....

    From If I Had It to Do Over...

    "Boy, I will entertain no nonsense from you. I will not have you racing about in my home knocking things about with your rambunctious behavior. Further, I will tolerate no unnecessary noise to disturb my tranquility. You will not entertain your rowdy friends in my home at any time. To assure your cooperation, you will be petticoated and raised as a girl from hence."