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Ms. Talons, an excellent and well educated writer, throws her considerable talent into four forced feminization / sissy stories. Mother's Maid, Retrained, Barbie Dahl and Barbara & Me.

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    From Retrained...

    "I ask you again, have you ever worn a corset before?"

    I hung my head, blushing furiously. "Ye... yes, Madame," I admitted.

    "Yes your mother told me how she corset trained your waist as a child and how very excited you were when in skirts. Or did she fib?"

    "No, Madame, she did not fib. I did wear dresses and I was excited!" I admitted.

    "Then these little things I ask of you should work no harm nor threat to your corporeal body?" she asked quietly.

    I thought for a moment before answering. It was true that I did like working for her. I liked my comfortable suite and what she had asked of me were really trivial in the long run. After all, clothes were only clothes and if such an inconsequential thing as a polite curtsey while I was wearing kilts made her happy, then why not?