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Michael and Cassandra Tyrone signed up for a work-vacation at a tropical resort on a romantic Caribbean Island. It was to be a time of romance and renewal, and all went well until Cassandra learned that she was the long lost priestess of the voodoo Cult of Marie Loveau.

When the high priest explains there can only be one male in the traditional cabal, Cassandra undertakes the battle to prevent her husband's gender reassignment.

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    " Did you say terms?" Cassandra asked, not wishing to argue her passion or lack of it.

    "Yes, good girl. You love your husband, I can tell. And you wish no harm to come to him. Actually, you came here tonight to protect him without knowing how that can be done. You have options."

    Her head swimming with doubt, Cassandra managed to keep herself together without running screaming into the night. "Name them, these options of yours."

    He moved closer and raised his hand. She shuddered as his fingertip moved across her forehead, then cheek, to touch her pursed lips. "Options are not mine, dear, the are yours. One, Michael will be the victim of an unfortunate accident. Two, MIchael will be fall prey to the zombies and become one of them. Three, since there can be no other males in the cult that the high priest, Michael will be awarded a gender reassignment. Any questions?"