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Four short stories...

Everything Matters - a young man, with the help of a loving aunt, becomes a lovely woman, with all the passions of any woman.

Eye Candy - an experimental and dangerous procedure turns man into woman. To make ends meet, he/she becomes a prostitute and learns more about him/herself than he/she was expecting.

Loving Angels and Exquisite Torture - both are gothic tales of werewolves and vampires with a TG twist.

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    From Eye Candy - "If I was to change my mind after the procedure, could it be reversed you know, say if was to suddenly have a panic attack or something?"

    Miss Dobson smiled. "It takes a little while for our Nu Skin to bond permanently with your own, Mr. Willis. If you were to change your mind, you would have up to one hour to do so. Till then, the new feminine you could still be removed comfortably and completely. Two to three hours and its removal would be a problem. Scarring would undoubtedly occur, major plastic surgery would be needed to restore and repair large areas of lost skin tissue. Four hours plus and we would not attempt a removal, the results from which could only be described as horrific."