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Four stories...

Transex Beauty - Alex discovers the joys of dressing as a woman. Will his visit to a local truckers bar take him over the edge?

Lesbian for a Short Time - Adrian is feminized by Simone, a self-described "high class whore". He may not be a woman but in short order Simone turns him into the next best thing.

Feeling Alive - Betty, a postoperative transsexual, meets the man of her dreams when she least expects it.

First Date - Mike turns into Michelle, his alter ego, who meets and falls for Todd. But will he accept her as the woman she feels she is inside?

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    When Millie went downstairs to show off her new self, Brenda let out a small gasp. "Oh my, you are beautiful," gushed Brenda in amazement, "Hon, you are meant to be a woman."

    Millie did a little twirl to show off and asked, "Do you really think I look good?" Brenda shook her head, still of a bit from the shock that a man could look so real as a woman.

    "You look real, Millie. If I did not know you, I would never say that there was a man under that dress." this comment made Millie feel great. She know she looked better than some women, but hearing it from someone else's lips make all the difference in her confidence.