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Angela and Kelly, just a couple of working girls, making their way through life. Not too different from million of others, with one exception. These working girls are genetically male.

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    By the time they graduated from high school and were in college, the two decided to do something about their situation. They began to acquire female clothing, wigs and makeup.and joined a transgender group in Nashville. There they met others who also felt out of place and "lost" in their born gender. And the learned how to dress properly and how to apply makeup to create the woman they knew themselves to be.

    After some practise, Angela and Kelly began to go out in public with some of their TS friends, dressed as woman. Since they were both rather small and effeminate, they passed easily and soon their feminine personalities flourished and grew. They were gothe so much happier and at ease whey there were woman, so much so that they both began to see a local psychologist who specialized in working with people with gender identity conflicts.