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What if the power of the mind to alter reality could be harnessed so that you could be transformed from one sex to another? Not an operation, but totally female, like being your own sister? How would you react? How would you learn to live in this new body with all its incredible sensations and new feelings? And if you could choose that life or your old one once and for all, what would you do?

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    It was like a religious experience to Brandon as she stood before the mirror; it would be an experience never to be forgotten. And there she was, in the flesh! The impossible become certain. The family resemblance was uncanny. She could have been Gakem his older sister, and yet... it was he, Brandon, as if male hormones ad never worked theire damage, the corruption. Younger and prettier than Gale, she giggled as her hands stroked cheeks unblemished by whiskers; cheeks that were both soft and smooth, She fluttered lashes that were longer and darker than they had any right to be but her eyes were his eyes as if the pigment and fine structure of the iris were invariant. Her skin tone and hair remained as they had been as well....